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We Offer some of the most Affordable and Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Pinellas County, Guaranteed!

It seems that  Air ConditionersHeat pump and related equipment only break down during periods of extreme temperature and after normal hours of operation.

At Velocity Air Conditioning, the customer always comes first.  As a Clearwater ac repair Contractor, we have earned a premier reputation by tailoring heat pumps, air conditioners & heating systems to specifically fit each customer’s needs.  When you hire us for your Clearwater air conditioning needs, our team of Licensed and Insured, highly trained air conditioning experts will study your project and expectations carefully, then design and install the perfect cooling system suited to your needs.

How air Conditioners and Heat pumps work.

Typical Air Conditioners and Heat Pump systems make cold and hot air by compressing a certain type of Freon. The Freon can be in two different states, gas or liquid. The compressor compresses the refrigerant from a gas state to a liquid. The compressor is the primary component in your hvac system and normally is located inside the condenser.  Once the Freon is in a liquid state the compressor pushes the refrigerant to the indoor unit. This unit can normally be described as a air handler or a furnace.  Once the Freon reaches the air handler it is metered into the evaporator coil through a metering device. Leaving the metering device the refrigerant expands back into a gas state where the refrigerant or Freon turns very cold. After  the Freon turns cold it returns to the compressor to repeat the entire process again.

Our Clearwater Air Conditioning Repair & Air Conditioner Maintenance services are the most thorough and comprehensive seasonal maintenance service provided in Pinellas County. We also offer emergency ac repair. A certified technician is always available to provide you with punctual service including weekends and holidays. For emergency ac repair in Clearwater, Largo, St Pete, Seminole, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Pinellas Park  and neighboring areas, please call (813) 370-0299  or schedule online for all of your heating and cooling needs.